Online project meeting – 14th & 28th of May, 2021

Due to the tight agenda, our recent Mamlise project team meeting was divided into two separate sessions on May 14th and May 21st, 2021. Our first online session began with a presentation by Dimitris Kontosakos (The Second Gymnasium of Ioannina), entitled The administrative problems of intercultural schools in Greece. Dimitris provided a valuable insight into the problems and challenges faced by intercultural schools in Greece and presented good practices focused on teaching children with migrant experience. The presentation raised the genuine interest of the meeting participants and instigated a lively discussion. After a short break, the University of Limerick team presented an overview of the internal project evaluation. The feedback from all partners was positive and the results clearly showed deep satisfaction with internal communication and project management. We are doing great as a team! Following this, the writing tasks and project dissemination activities were discussed.

Two weeks later, we met again to discuss the monitoring of the project management and implementation, finalizing the processes of the implementation of the partnership agreements, progress report preparation, budget realisation and project dissemination activities.
Dates were set for the upcoming TPMs and training activities – hopefully in person! We are all looking forward to it.