Growing up multilingual: Some Experiences



Arriving in a new country and school system can be challenging for children and young people. In these video testimonials, you hear about different experiences:

Kamelia talks about how she ended up in Germany, which languages she and her family spoke at home when she grew up, as well as about the different languages she learned at school in Algeria and why she struggled with her grades in some of them.

In this video, Natalie tells us how she came to Germany, which languages she speaks and in which she feels most comfortable and if she would consider herself as a multilingual person. She then moves on to speak about her experiences growing up multilingual, the strategies her parents used and the advantages she sees in doing so.

Amina, an 8-year-old girl from Belarus, who came to Poland with her mother with a refugee status, shares her reflections on learning a new language and gives an account of the first difficult months at her school and in a new country.